Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day! 2013

 Here are a couple of the Valentines I made this year. I did the star one for Jackson. The print paper above is flocked and the red is a velvet paper. I like cards that are tactile or have dimension on them.

 Above is a lovely card I received from my traveling buddy, Joyce. She is a quilter and did this chevron pattern card. with an hombre look.....very pretty! I love quilt cards!

Below is the inside of my card and the envelope. I cut squares when I did my die cut so I could use the outside on the front of the card and the actual heart inside. I also decided to add lace and used a Serendipity die to create a pattern on the velvet paper. My cards are always a progression....adding things as I go along!

 Here are a couple of cards I received from my regular card senders! I know a lot of card makers or supply collectors, but some seldom actually send cards. Kathy and Tina are two that send a lot of cards and I appreciate each one I receive!
Kathy's uses some really cool Happy Valentine's ribbon and bakers twine. Like cupcakes, hot air balloons seem to be very popular these days!
Tina's cards are always amazing in the amount of layering and details they have in them! I think I recognize that Martha Stewart punch I gave her a while back! Her papers are always so coordinated and she thinks nothing of hand cutting things! I always think of her when I see the saying, "Love, Live and Laugh", so that is perfect for her Valentine. If I know Tina, she has made a bunch of wonderful heart shaped cookies and is playing cupid delivering them!
I know some people think Valentine's Day is something for romance or couples.....I don't agree. I think it is just a good time to say I love you! Plus, it is a great excuse for candy and treats!

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Tina said...

Thanks for your kind words Holly! and yes, that is the punch you gave it...8-) Tina