Thursday, August 9, 2012

Using Paperclay and Rubber Stamps

 This is a product that I love! Today we are looking at using it with rubberstamps. You can stamp into rolled out paperclay to make an impression or you can use a deep rubberstamp as a mold. Once the clay air dries it can be sanded and painted.
Below is a project I have not finished, but I would like to sand it, paint it metallic gold and put an antique photo in it.
 I love seashells and when I saw this stamp from Sparkle N Sprinkle, I had to have it! I first tried doing layers of toilet paper in it, like I do cookie molds. It turned out okay, but not as nice as with Paperclay.
 You can impress the whole stamp, or do the shells individually as shown below.

And, of course, the stamp is lovely stamped also! I will share other ways I used the Paperclay in upcoming posts! Hope you enjoyed seeing this lightweight embellishment that is lots of fun to make!

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Jan Castle said...

This technique really looks like fun! I really do think we are in our second childhood!!!
Paper Hugs,