Thursday, February 2, 2012

USS Alabama Battleship

 Last week, while we were near Mobile, AL, we toured the battleship there located in the Bay. There was a lot of climbing as that is the way you get around a battleship. In addition to the battleship, there was a submarine and aviation museum to see.

 Above, Jim was in the "brig" and below is an example of some of the stairs to climb.

 The size of the ship can really only be felt by walking around on the deck.

 Notice the size of the chain. I like to include a person in photos to show size.
 Above, the city of Mobile can be seen.

 We had recently seen the movie Red Tails and it was interesting to see one of the planes. We also passed by Tuskegee  on the way to Mobile.
 Near the submarine on display, was a replica of the Hunley, the first submarine that was developed in Mobile and sank in Charleston, SC during the Civil War. I attended the funeral for the men lost on the Hunley in Charleston after it was recovered. It was quite interesting seeing thousands of people in period dress walking around Charleston. The replica is below.

 We went on board the USS Drum, above. I don't think I had ever been on a submarine but found it very interesting.

I enjoyed the tour and thought of my uncle and the many servicemen that spent months on battleships like these so we could enjoy freedom.

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Jan Castle said...

See you are out and about - again!!! Nice tour Holly...hard to imagine the size - so thanks for the pics.
Just got back from CHA - had a fun time!!!
Paper Hugs,