Friday, February 3, 2012

Pensacola Lighthouse

 After leaving Mobile, we stopped in Pensacola and went to the Naval Air Station to see the lighthouse. I had hoped to go early one of the days the Blue Angels were practicing and flying near the lighthouse, but I will take what I can get when I can get it! They also have a moonlit trip up the lighthouse on the weekend near the full moon. My philosophy is to always leave something behind that you didn't do so you can come back! LOL!
 While the markings of the lighthouse (black on top, white on bottom) is not as attractive as many lighthouses, the house at the base was lovely and the wrought iron staircase going up the lighthouse was beautiful. I am not sure how many steps there were, but I know it was over 150 as that was the last notation I saw on the steps and there were more. As I said, this is actually on the naval base, so you have to go through the security gate but they just give you a pass to put in your window. There is also an aviation museum and a national cemetery and an old fort.

 In addition to the gift shop, there was a museum in the house. One tip on photographing an area, always look at the postcards in the gift shop and you might pick up some shots you might not have thought of taking.

 This is a working lighthouse, run by the Coast Guard. A lighthouse preservation group runs the visitation of the lighthouse, with someone at the top to answer questions.
 Below, you see the National Museum of Aviation that is nearby. It is free and is definitely worth taking the time to visit!

 I noticed these bird (eagle?) spouts at the top and learned that there is only one original one and it is down in the museum. I don't remember seeing anything like this on a lighthouse before.

 I guess by now that you have picked up on the fact that I really liked the stairs!
 I always try to step back and get some of the area in the photo like the curved limbs in the big trees surrounding the lighthouse. Also, if the sun is coming at you, try to place something between it and you, like the lighthouse or a limb of a tree.

 I always find it interesting when areas have "things" that are decorated, like I have seen guitars in they had decorated seagulls.

 Here is the original water spout.
Thanks for joining me on this visit we will try to catch the Blue Angels!

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