Monday, February 6, 2012

Savannah Georgia

 I love a walking city and Savannah is one of those. I felt like I came across less "seedy" areas this trip than the last time I was here. (not that walking through dangerous areas usually slows me down any...but I do try to do it during daylight rather than night!)

 Savannah is designed with a series of squares or parks that are just beautiful.

 As I approached one intersection, I saw all these people with cameras and I wondered who could be I came to the corner, I saw that it was Girl Scout Moms taking photos of their scouts in from of the Low House!

 One of the squares, Chippewa, was where Forrest Gump sat on the bench. The bench is now in a museum in town.

 On my last visit, I spent a lot of time in this Colonial Park and Cemetery. There are some old grave sites there!

 Above is the church building that I believe the feather drifted down in front of in the movie Forrest Gump.....and look who I ran into......a Forrest Gump impersonator. I learned he is actually from Atlanta.

 The house above was open for tours (another trip) and it was featured in the movie, The Conspirator. If you are a history buff, this movie is about the woman that was hung after Lincoln's assassination as she ran the boarding house that John Wilkes Boothe frequented and had lived in....Robert Redford directed it and it is great!
Below is Paula Deen's shop and restaurant. I have done the Paula Deen tour on a previous trip and eaten in her restaurant. It was basically a southern cooking buffet.....good but not worth standing in line for hours to experience.

 Below the globe is a WW II monument along the waterfront.
 The City Market is another shopping area that is worth visiting.
 The statue from the movie and book, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil also has been moved to a museum. It had been in a cemetery. Replicas are available, of course.

 Johnny Mercer was from Savannah, so there is a statue of him near City Market.

 Many of the bus tours allow on and off privileges. There are also horse drawn carriages available.

 That William Bartram really made it around....I see signs about his studies in many places I visit.
Below is closer shots of the WW II Memorial, a very nice tribute.

The walking tour that I referred to is available at
They have different tours from which to choose. Sure hope I can do that next visit. More to come....

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