Thursday, November 10, 2011

Shelby County Farms Park

 While at Allison's house, I had the opportunity to go over to the park near her and walk. I have posted photos from Shelby Farms that I have taken in the spring, but I had never been there in the fall. I also had not ever been there when the playground was open, so I wanted to share some photos. It has been such a pretty autumn.
 Below is an example of depth of field...showing how you can create different photos of the same scene by having different things in focus.

 Below is an example of framing a scene with something closer up.

 I love the layers of colors in autumn!
 Usually when I am here, I walk earlier in the day and the playground is still locked. I was happy to be able to check out this great playground....I know Clayton will enjoy it when he is older!

 Eventually, the arbor around the playground is supposed to be covered with plants. I am not sure what they will use on the arbors. All I noticed being planted there was maples.
I hope you enjoyed seeing this beautiful park during a different season of the year.

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Badger said...

Holly - I love your website.

Could you please email me regarding an old post from 2009. - Thanks - Missy