Monday, September 12, 2011

A visit with Jackson

 Jackson had changed so much since I last saw him in June. We stopped by Huntsville and Jim worked while I played with Jackson. I had bought him some clothes I wanted to get shots of him in, so we did a couple photo sessions. He is about ten a half months old, but is already in 18 to 24 month sizes. The new sandals his Mom bought him are fives and he could go larger. He will have a birthday party in October, but I am not sure the "birthday boy" hat will still fit him then.
 I love traditional outfits like this john john suit, though his parents don't share that feeling. They call the rounded collars "girl collars". I bought this suit just to photograph him in as I knew they would not dress him in it. He is all boy though and I don't think anyone would ever mistake him for a girl.

 He loved having free reign on the bed and we had a fun time. The little tongue twist above reminds me of his grandfather and dad who both often have their tongues in action when deep in thought.

 There goes that tongue again.....he, like Addy, love the iPad and the children's books we have on it.

 I bought him this monkey suit for Halloween. His dad was afraid it would scare him, but he started laughing when I showed it to him. He even pulled it into bed with him when he was supposed to be taking a nap. Another time, during nap time, he decided to relieve his teething gums by chewing on the wooden rail on his bed, just as he did on the pail handle below.

 I love the little tummy pouch in the suit as well as the cute!

We had a great visit and it seems that this year has just flown by! Before I know it, he will be walking everywhere and talking up a storm!

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Jan Castle said...

What a little monkey!!! You, not Jackson - LOL! You will be able to have your own show with all the outfits for your photoshoots!!! Ha Ha! Guess I should not talk, I'll be taking pictures when we visit Cody the end of October!!!