Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Halloween Books

 I have not been able to go to our Stamp Club much this year, but I was able to go last Saturday. We made these little accordion books. They are kind of a double accordion, sort of like a scissors lift, but I don't know what the technical name of them would be. I made two of them as I know a couple of fellas that might enjoy them someday.

There are seven little vignettes or panels, three on one side and four on the other. There is also the front  cover to decorate. Below you can see the seven panels and below that the individual panels. I like to make cuts or punches or something of interest on each one.
 The "BOO" was a notecard I had purchased marked down one year. I added the black behind the letters and cut the panel down to the three by six inches of the panels. I punched holes to look like eyes.
 Below, I used the star design of the paper to make my cut. I glued the star inside the diamond.
 A circle punch was used below and I hung the bat using beading thread as it is stiffer than regular thread. A thin wire works great for this also. The white spider web was cut from label paper with a Memory Box die....so very detailed and I think the liner from the label paper could also be used when adhesive is not needed.
 The owl I did inside a common popup technique. Not sure what it is called but it is often used to look like a mouth. This one kind of looks like a hole in a tree with the owl hiding insdie.

 The jack o lantern punch above makes a great opening and I used the punched pieces inside the diamond. Below, a die was used for the skull and crossbones. Since I was using duplex paper (black and white), I used the punched out piece inside the diamon.
 Below, I cut around the Serendipity Stamps images to make a little scene. Such a cute pirate dog!!
 I used seven panels, each constructed of a piece of cardstock and a piece of scrapbook paper, both 3 inches by 6 inches. The covers were matte board, covered with decorative paper.

Several years ago, I had some friends up to the cabin and these books were the project I chose to teach. This was a nice refresher course and I had a great time making them. I am proud that I finished them rather than starting them and then putting them aside, never to finish them. Surely I am the only crafter that begins projects and then never finishes them.....?

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Jan Castle said...

You are kidding, of course!!!! I ALWAYS finish what I start...LOl! My garage has a few bins of 'tings to do'!
Your books are works of art Holly...now why didn't you teach me how to do that when you were here????
Paper Hugs,