Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ocracoke Island

My visit to Ocracoke Island was much too might say the length of an ice cream cone!
You can access the OBX from the north or the south. Since we were coming from the south, we had to take the long ferry to Ocracoke Island and then another to go on to Hatteras. Not having been there before, I wasn't sure where I wanted to spend time. I do wish we had had longer to explore this island. Jim and the ladies had an ice cream cone while I dashed around the marina and took a few photos. We did a little shopping (got Jessica's shot glass that she collects and post cards to send the kids), walked out to the lighthouse and then we were on our way to the next ferry. We got there two minutes after the ferry had left (leaves on the hour and the half hour) take was, Oh, we could have spent 28 more minutes in town....Jim's take was, we should have spent two minutes less in town...LOL! Different perspectives I guess.

This water tower makes me think of the Park Ranger at the top of the Hatteras Light (I told her I was envious of her job!) as she pointed out the different water towers you could see and how that helped get your bearings.

The photo above was from the ferry as we were coming into port.

I love nautical scenes....

Jim enjoying his ice cream next to the Kitty Hawk Kites another Kitty Hawk Kites store, I got the coolest Life is Good shirt with the Hatteras Light as the illustration and it actually had "Outer Banks" on the sleeve. That is the first "specialized for a specific location" Life is Good shirt that I have seen. Love it!

I decided that having the ladies with us was kind of like having kids along..we had to find activities like eating ice cream or buying books while I did my thing (taking photos and climbing lighthouses).

I carry my small powershot camera for strangers to use to snap a photo of me...they get a little intimidated by the other two cameras! Jim sat in the car checking his email.....a different perspective again! It had been a long day!

This lighthouse was not one you could climb, but it was well worth the visit! The visit was just too short!

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Anonymous said...

i too, love Ocracoke and was just browsing pamphlets about the place. i was there once, on the way back from a nightmare vacation rental and it was the highlight of my trip... we lost track of time and had to take the latest ferry back-- it was the most beautiful trip i ever took... i have never seen so many stars in the warm summer night sky.