Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Currituck Beach Lighthouse 2

The exterior of the Currituck Light is red brick while the inside is painted white. One good thing about having the brick is that it doesn't have to be painted. It is not as decorative at the patterned designs that are used to identify a lighthouse during the daytime, but it is very pretty.

Below is an illustration located in the bottom of the Currituck. It shows the lighthouses of the OBX. You can see this one at the northern portion, then Bodie ("body"), Hatteras (the tallest lighthouse and a "sister" to the St. Augustine one with the exception of the color at the top, St. Augustine is red, Hatteras is black and is taller), Ocracoke (can visit but not climb), and Cape Lookout.

I am going to research the Cape Lookout (diamond or checkered design) and try to go back. I saw the sign for it as we were RACING to make our ferry to get over to Ocracoke, but did not get to investigate. I do know you have to take a ferry to access it and I don't think you can climb it.

One thing I learned from the having children along, it takes a lot L..O...N....G....E....R to do everything with older people along. I never dreamed it would take over an hour to have lunch at KFC!

I try to adopt a "mascot" on each trip to include in my photograph for a future travel book for my grandchildren....on this one it was this little Junior Ranger Bear I bought at Hatteras. At some point, I need to assemble all these little fellas in one my spare time, you understand. Remember the mascot for the tidal basin was the beaver and I had several on the Thelma and Louise trip?

I love the details of the lighthouses, including these hexagonal windows that I saw in two of the lighthouses. It made me wonder if the same company built both of the lighthouses.

The spiral staircase is on one side with a landing on the other. The window above is looking out at the Whale Club below.

The building below is a private residence that faces the lighthouse. Next to it was a gift shop/bookstore, where Jim's mother (who is legally blind due to macular degeneration) bought $80 worth of books...Jim got a little frustrated that she was buying books that she can not read, but I told him it is her money!

Hope you enjoyed this visit to the first of four lighthouses we visited while at the Outer Banks!

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