Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The woods are full of wisteria blooming and we were tempted to stop and take photos along the road but I said, I am sure there will be some at Callaway. This swing arbor with wisteria was the only one we saw and we sat here for a few moments and enjoyed the sweet smells. I look forward to seeing the huge old wisteria at Augusta. It was one of the original vines brought over from China.

Here I am showing you different views of the vine. Above, you have your contrast in background as well as diagonal lines that are repeated by the vine and the flower.

Below, is a shot from below, looking up at the sky and the umbrella of blooms above the swing.

You know I love shadows, and I thought the shot above had good shadows. Also, sometimes the bloom is not the star. The actual vine can be quite interesting. I also like this little "underdog" shoot coming out all alone. It is not big and showy like the others but it has it's own special view!
They look like grapes, dripping with fruit don't they? Their beauty is short lived but it is so breath taking when it is here!
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Jan Castle said...

My favorite is the 'underdog' shoot..such interesting vine shapes going on! Thanks Holly for keeping me entertained!

Shetzers Photography said...

Not only are your photos so gorgeous but I'm jealous that you know all the names of the flowers!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!