Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Easter Topiaries

We were fortunate in that we were at the horticultural center while they were placing some topiaries that they had made. One year at Christmas time I showed you a train topiary, but here are their Easter ones.

Look at these darling chicks! I included a shot with the background (and people out by the flower beds) so you could get an idea of the scale of these.

Above, the working is placing an "egg" next to this bunny. You can see on the other bunny that the eggs are planted with something that will bloom in a beautiful pink. I think it would be such fun to work at a place like this.

I included a closeup of this bunny above, but I wanted to show you the scene. Perhaps you can see that he does have "whiskers". The plant for his chin and tummy are different to provide a contrast. This is the area below where they have the poinsettia tree in the winter.
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Jan Castle said...

Ohhhhh sooooooo cute!!!!!