Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Waterlily Magnolia

Usually when I go to a garden there is one particular plant that is "worth the price of admission"...on this trip it was this tree, a waterlilly magnolia. I don't remember seeing one of these before and it was just so full of blooms. The petals made me think of flowers that I have made of cloth.

I usually take my point and shoot camera with me to take photos of signage I want to remember, but already had two cameras around my neck, so I just popped a shot with one of my big cameras and it must have been on manual focus, but it was still clear enough that I could read it. Taking shots of signage is always a good idea to help you remember things or to use in scrapbook layouts. It's digital...you can always delete it!

Speaking of waterlillies, I noticed that they were cleaning out the pond where there are beautiful waterlilies in the summer. I guess they have to clear them out each winter and then start over in the spring. Same with the Italian Garden at the Biltmore.

I noticed that I saw no camellias at the garden except a couple in pots. I guess Huntsville is far enough north that they don't do well there...maybe that is why Allison is not having many blooms on hers in Memphis.....but then, neither am I here in Atlanta and I know they do well here. I told her maybe if we actually gave them some fertilizer, that might help! LOL!
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