Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Flower Closeups

Ornamental fruit trees are so pretty in the spring! The cherry trees should be at their peak when I am in DC at the end of the month. I hope to get a good tripod before then and am hoping for no wind! It was very windy on this particular day and that is one of the worst enemies for taking good closeups.

Above is a closeup of the purple ground cover. I am sure it is a weed, as if I have some in my yard, it is definitely a weed! When there is a lot of it, it makes for a beautiful sight. Anyone know what it is called?
The magnolias were definitely the star at the gardens on this visit!
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Jan Castle said...

No clue on the purple flower! The magnolia and fruit tree blosoms are beautiful....I know what you mean about the wind...grrrrrrrrrr!

JANLYNN said...

The weed you are talking about is henbit. Pretty flowers but they make seed that makes even more WEEDS. They are about the earliest of the spring weeds to appear. Love your flower photos. My master gardener group in going to Louisville, Ky in early June so any photo tips you want to pass on are very appreciated.

Holly's Hobbies said...

Thanks for the info on the henbit. I knew it had to be a weed...but it is pretty when blooming in mass. Around my house, it just looks like a weed! Any ideas on the yellow ground cover in May? I love Louisville!