Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Flowers in the neighborhood

Of course, I don't see flowers at the gym or even on the way to the gym as it is early morning and dark, but I do have some favorite flowers as I walk in the neighborhood.

I always enjoy seeing this forsythia when it blooms with it's "basket shape". I took a photo of it last year and added "Happy Easter" on the photo. This year I decided to make it a spring greeting. I could add some little bumblebee stickers or a bow on the handle and mount it and have an easy card!

I have another Camellia that has been my long time favorite that is so large that it is a tree that I did not take a photo of, but here is another favorite.

It is such a pretty color. The sunshine was almost too bright on this day. Cloudy days are actually better than a very sunny day for photographing flowers. I also like to include a bud in the photo when possible. Quite a contrast from those snow and ice photos I showed you a few weeks back from the neighborhood.

Another fun thing to do is to photograph the same tree in the different seasons. I did that with my long lost Bradford pear. The blooms in the spring, green leaves in the summer. red leaves in the fall and then snow on the branches in winter. Of course, that was during film days and the problems becomes finding all the different shots when you want them. Digital is easier these days to keep up with photos....unless you load up computers and wear them out like I do. This year, I resolve to get my photos organized, backed up and saved so I can find any photo I want. Hear ye, hear ye!
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Jan Castle said...

Good luck with the organizing!!!