Monday, March 14, 2011

Flowering at the Farm

While at the farm, I snapped some photos of some of the plants that were coming up and out. There are a lot of daffodils near the house, but this clump was growing out in the woods, all alone, so I thought they deserved some attention. The green area at the bottom leaves a great spot to add text for a greeting card.
Quince always makes me think of my grandmother as when we bought our first house in 1979, she gave me a quince plant to put in the yard. I also love the color and the contrast of the "sticks" and beautiful blooms.
When I see the trillium coming up, I think the soil is waking up after a long winter. Here at the farm is the only place in the Atlanta area that I have seen these. I see them a lot up at the cabin but not around here. I had also seen bloodroot in this same area a few days ago, but it was very cold this morning so maybe they were protecting themselves on this chilly morning.

It is very easy to talk oneself out of walking when it is cold but there are these things called coats that solve that problem. Especially if the sun is shining, I am always glad I endured the low temps once I get going.
Maybe our resident Master Gardener can tell me what this ground cover is called. It reminds me of vinca and I see it up in the mountains as well. Anyone....anyone?
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Artes da Cris said...

How beautiful spring is, specially after a strong winter...
Ana from Brazil

Jan Castle said...

My first thought was Vinca too...wonder if we are right! Beautiful Spring pictures Holly! Thanks for reminding me of God's creative beauty!

JANLYNN said...

Every picture I found that looked like yours said this was Vinca minor or what some people call periwinkle Which was what I also thought when I saw your picture. I have it growing in my yard as well here in West Tennessee. I have got to get some pictures that I can use on cards as you do. I love this idea.