Sunday, February 27, 2011

South Carolina Bridge Tour

About a year and a half ago, I visited this bridge on Black Friday of Thanksgiving weekend. I was alone, just me and the GPS and my camera. I would much rather be here in the woods than at the mall! I was telling Jessica about the bridge so while we were in SC, I took her to see it. Luckily, the Garmin has a better memory than me, so it was still saved and guided me to it. It is called the Poinsett Bridge and it is almost two hundred years old. I was thinking about it's age and the fact that the men that built it probably never even knew about the Civil War! Unfortunately, I could see where some dummies had spray painted graffiti on the bridge. Though it had been cleaned off the best it could be, you could still tell....makes me so mad! Good thing the old bridge looks good done in B & W!

Jessica and I were standing next to the arch when I remembered, Oh is supposed to be haunted as a man was supposedly hung here in the arch. Jessica said, "oh, now you tell me"....I said, "well, I just remembered that fact".

When there is good lighting, I can't resist the opportunity to snap a portrait as I did of Jessica above. I love black and white and then I softened the edges on Picasa. Notice I used the rule of thirds. This is on top of the bridge where the horse drawn wagons would have passed when going to Asheville from Greenville. Someday, I would like to walk down the road and see how far it is still cleared.
The naked trees and shadows of winter are so pretty. I must go back here when the rhodies are blooming as there are so many of them along the stream. I also needed my wide angle lens. This was an unplanned trip, so I was only prepared to take photos of Jackson. I had told Jim that we needed to pack light as baby stuff takes up a lot of room!

Another good thing about having someone along is that you can include them in the photo and get a perspective of size, as above. It was unplanned for Jessica also and she decided that she needed different shoes when she goes exploring with me! LOL! I scamper up and down hills and jump over streams with a lot of fervor....a definite advantage of my weight loss and exercise!
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nise said...

Don't you just wish you could spray paint the graffiti painters? Wonderful photos and sure like Jackson in his new hat. Glad you're getting him trained, as I think he's got a lot of years to be your best model yet.

Jan Castle said...

Fabu Wall Holly! Thanks for sharing,