Monday, February 28, 2011

Campbell's Covered Bridge

Jessica and I continued on our bridge tour by stopping by this bridge. It is the only covered bridge remaining in South Carolina. Don't forget to snap a photo of any historical signs or signs of identification.
It was a good "shadow day". Shadows can be a beautiful part of the composition. Even though you can not see the trees, you can see the shadows of the trees and it just makes for an interesting foreground.
Since I am usually alone on these jaunts, I seldom have photos of myself. I took advantage of Jessica being there to have her snap a shot of me. The first time I went to this bridge, Jim's Dad took me there. I have photos of him and Jim that day and they are very special. He died in 2005. He wanted to take me to this bridge as he knew I would like it.
As much as I love photos of places and nature, photos of people are the most important. Always remember to include people in some of your photos if you are with someone. Not only does it capture the events of the day, but also in the long run, those are the photos that will mean something in the end.
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Jan Castle said...

Great photos Holly...I will have to remember to get the signs (if available) next time I take photos...thanks for the tip!
You look GREAT!

Velda said...

I always enjoy your photography and your lovely crafts. I've given you an award. Please check my blog to receive it: