Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A & M Peanut Shop, Mobile

I always like trying different foods from an area and I know peanuts are usually considered a "Georgia" thing, but if you walk past this peanut shop in Mobile, AL when that hundred year old roaster is going, you will turn around and go inside just like I did! I had noticed the interesting window and could tell it was a place that had been around for quite a long time (the 1940's), but the aroma of those peanuts being roasted made me turn around and try it out! They were also frying pecans which I did not try, but I can't help but think they would be great also!

I have always loved roasted peanuts, but I don't think I had had any that were still warm. My grandmother would have loved these! We called her "Grans" and she had a love for roasted peanuts like none other. Once we took her to a Braves baseball game and she wanted to know what to do with the peanut shells as she ate her roasted peanuts. We told her to just throw them on the concrete floor under her....well that did not set well with her! She had a Mr. Peanut cup that all the grand kids fought over....even when she died. My cousin beat me to it, but I just bought me one like it at an antique shop and pretend it is the one I drank out of as a child. My other grandmother had Mr. Peanut salt and pepper shakers. I guess Mr. Peanut was big in his day!

The peanuts are still served in the bags like shown above. I ordered a half pound of hot nuts, but later I really wished I had bought a larger bag! There was a little nip in the air and I can't tell you how good those hot peanuts were! Not over roasted, but roasted enough...just right!
They also had a large variety of candies and other nuts. I tried several including the haystacks that were great and the popcorn was very good too. If you ever find yourself walking around downtown Mobile, be sure to get some hot peanuts! Just follow the smell...the fellow that waited on my said it was their best advertisement!

I have been to a Peanut Shop in Memphis for their snow cones.....I wonder if they have Hot Peanuts? Hmmmmmm
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Jan Castle said...

You have my mouth watering for some hot peanuts!!!! NOT FAIR Holly!
Wonder how many points 1/2 pound would be??????

Holly's Hobbies said...

I don't know how many points, but however many, they sure were worth it! I lost five pounds in the last week or so...apparently I walked off any excess points! Those peanuts were so good!