Monday, January 31, 2011

Christ Church from the Road

If you have read my blog for at least a year, you probably know that when I go to St. Simons, I have to go to Christ Church. The weather was so beautiful this year that of course, I had to go back. Here are some photos I took before I even entered the gate.
On the one above, I softened the edges (very easy to do on Picasa). Southern coastal oaks are so pretty with the spanish moss and graceful lines.
Here, depth of field was used to focus on the brick moss lined wall. Simply use the AV mode on your camera, using the lower number (larger aperture) to create that out of focus look on the building.
I did not do a very good job with the photo above (It is difficult leaning down far enough with one camera and having another banging around your neck to get the right perspective with the right thing being in focus!) year I will get one of these with which I will be happy. I included it just to remind you to create frames with what is available.
To age the photo I tried using sepia. Last year, I went inside and captured the beautiful stained glass. I was there too early in the day to go inside this year....but I did finally climb the lighthouse! Remember last year, there was scaffolding all around it when I arrived ready to climb it. Of course, there are still more photos of Christ Church to share first!
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Ruth Song said...

Thank you for the wonderful pictures.
I read you blog quietly. I got inspired by your spirit and joy of nature. I enjoy your creativity both in photo art and paper art.
Thank you for writing the journey in the south, it has brighten my cold wintry morning in Canada.



Holly's Hobbies said...

Thank you, Ruth, for such a nice post. It was a beautiful week down here in the south, but old man winter is headed back. I am so glad to hear from you. I appreciate you taking the time to write!

JANLYNN said...

These pictures make me long for spring days. It was nice here in Tennessee this weekend although the wind was rather sharp. Cold is headed back for the rest of the week. I am ready to see the first tips of daffodils pokeing from the ground.

Holly's Hobbies said...

I actually saw the green tips of some type of bulb peeking up out of the ground in the neighborhood when I was walking before my trip. That made me smile! We have a lot of daffodils planted at the cabin. Both of my children live in Tennessee and they have had a lot of snow this year!