Friday, February 25, 2011

Jackson visits GA and SC

Jackson lives on the state line between Alabama and Tennessee. Valentines weekend, he finally made it to Georgia and South Carolina. He loves to be talked to and to "talk" back and will laugh out loud. I think he got a little spoiled on this trip as he was a little insulted when he returned home and someone wasn't holding him all the time! Above, he is cutting those eyes at Jim and sporting the owl outfit I was able to find in the "safe place".
He is about to grow out of this little monster sleeper I got him (size six months). He has big feet and hands like his Dad (and me!)
He loves to coo and talk and is such a good baby. I know that he cries some at home, but he loved being held on this trip and didn't cry much at all! When we were at his house Christmas week, we got to hear him cry a lot when he decided that four ounces of formula was NOT enough...he has since jumped from six ounces to eight. He is at the 90th profile in height, so I think he will be tall like his Dad.
Jim's mother, Louise, was very sick and spent most of the fall in the hospital. When Jackson was born, she was on a respirator in ICU and Jim was with her rather than with me at the hospital for Jackson's birth. This was the first time that she got to see him and hold him. Jim said Jason could not give her anything she enjoyed more than to see that baby. It was a wonderful visit. I look forward to spending a week at the cabin with Jackson in May (it is fine if Jason and Jessica come too). I am sure I will have to work in a visit to see him and go to the Huntsville Botanical Garden before then though. He is definitely a keeper!
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Anonymous said...

Holly I love coming to your blog. I enjoyed your pictures of Jackson and what beautiful ones of you and him and Louise. Those are precious memories because they do grow and change so fast. I learn a lot from you in many areas because you do so many different things and I get to go to places I may never see other wise or may not even know existed.
Thank you and may God Bless you.

Holly's Hobbies said...

Thank you, Laureen, for such a wonderful comment. I do love to "GO" and see new places and old favorites as well. I am happy to have you along for the ride. Thanks for taking the time to write...lets me know I am not doing the "anyone, anyone?" from Ferris Behuler's Day Off...hmmm, I think me and Ferris would have gotten along splendidly!

Peggy Maier said...

What precious pictures of little Jackson - especially the one with Grandma (you)! This is such a wonderful age with all the cooing & "talking". Love the owl outfit! Enjoy him while you can...they grow up WAY too fast!

nise said...

What a handsome fellow! Glad you found your safe place. I am amazed at how fabulous the picture of you holding Jackson is, since you're obviously not the photographer for that one! :) Looking forward to seeing him grow.

JANLYNN said...

Enjoy this fleeting moments because they go away too too fast. It seems just yesterday my grandsons were babies. Now they are 6 and 4 going on 40. At least I do almost always see mine daily.

Jan Castle said...

So uplifting to see you with Jackson...and how good both of you look! WOW!!!!