Thursday, February 24, 2011

Creating a Collage to use as a Frame

Each February, our teens at church sponsor a Sweetheart Banquet for the older members. There is always a theme. We have done Dr. Seuss, MardiGras, Love Boat, 50's with Elvis, Disney, etc., to name a few. I am usually in charge of taking a photo of each attendant or couple and then creating a frame or photo holder with magnets for their fridge. It is fun to visit some one's house and see all the photos and frames from the previous years. We usually have some type of "prop" for the photos such as the man's hat and the boa for this year and some type of backdrop.

This year, the theme was 1920's Jazz era in New Orleans. I cooked shrimp creole as the appetizer and for the "frame", I used the collage option on Picasa. It is really a faux frame, as it is printed on the photo. I then used some old Spellbinders die meant for mardi gras and cut out black top hat, a gold crown and white feathers. I put magnets on these die cuts and created themed magnets to use to hold the photo up on the fridge.

For the collage, I selected some images from Google images and arranged them in a portrait and a landscape position. I then would drop in the photo of the people over the collage. This was an easy way to create a frame and since it was basically just a photo, the magnets did not have a lot to hold up on the fridge.

A fun time was had by all....just thought I would share this idea for an easy faux frame with a theme.
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