Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

Here are more of my "cheater cards"...LOL! I think these embellishments are so pretty...I would be happy to receive a card with these on them. Like I say to my husband when I am using my iPhone to look up words to use on my Scrabble game on my iPad, I am just using my resources! He says I am cheating.

I put little messages inside each card and used a stamp on each of the envelope to coordinate with the card. Now, I need to find the "safe place" where I put Jackson's card and outfit for his Valentine! It is owl themed and I will have photos of him in the outfit....provided I find that "safe place".....hmmmmm!
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nise said...

Thanks for taking me traveling, Holly! Jekyll Island was beautiful and I am fascinated by the croquet -- is it organized, like a golf club or more spontaneous? Cheat all you want at making cards, since they are still darling. That 12 layer one from Tina gave me pause for thought, though. "Safe Spot" - glad to know I am not the only one that does that kind of thing. I found part of my Mom's Christmas present, which is now sitting in plain site (she doesn't live close enough to drop in) and will be in her birthday box!

Jan Castle said...

Cheat away...those are really cute cards and I would be delighted to receive one anytime Holly! Think I need to get a few cheater cards too - LOL!