Sunday, February 6, 2011

Before sunrise glow

While the moment the red ball comes up over the horizon is spectacular, I think I prefer the before sunrise glow. For one thing, shooting directly into the sun gives you problems. Here, there is no strong light source you have to deal with. Plus, since everything is still, you can open up your camera long enough to get the light you need for a good exposure. Silhouettes are also fun in this setting. Look for interesting architectural elements to include in your photos like the lantern above.
The pool here gives you a nice color to combine with the sunrise. Below, I used a wide angle lens to capture the moon and Jupiter (just to the left of the crescent moon) in the photo. I also like having the rocks in the foreground as it adds another layer to the photo.
The photo below was taken from my balcony....yeah, rough life, I know! I always check time for sunrise and the tides when I go to the coast. I am up and dressed so I will be ready. I was too busy this year to walk the beach at low tide like I did last year, but I had wonderful activities to take the place, so no is all good! My good cameras were in the car, so I took this with my powershot. It wasn't too cool, but with the cameras staying in the car, I had no problems with the lenses fogging up when going from warm to cold. Nothing more aggravating than to run outside into the cool with a warm camera and the lens goes all foggy on you!
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nise said...

Your photos are better than postcards! I like the sunrise. It holds so much promise. Thank you!!