Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Golden Anniversary Reception

Last Saturday, I helped with a reception for a couple at church that were celebrating their golden anniversary. The honored couple are arriving above. I was in charge of the flowers, decorating and photography. We had a great turn out and it was enjoyed by all. I wanted to share some things I learned from the event.

Our building, built in the sixties era, has a fellowship hall that leaves a lot to be desired. I found some solutions to some of the problems that I thought I would share. You never know when the ideas might come in handy for someone else.

The foyer is U G L Y! To distract from that ugliness, we got balloons and had them just hanging free in the foyer. It gave a party atmosphere and the children in attendance just had a ball with them! I like the shot with the streamers in the foreground of the photo of them arriving. The big 5 O balloons was also visible from the main room.

Another challenge besides the ugly foyer is a screen mounted on a long blank wall. To create a vignette or stage area, I draped gold metallic Mylar, white satin and gold tulle over the screen. It defines the space and covers up the ugly screen. I then added a couple of silk ficus trees. Greenery always adds warmth and life to a space.

It was a very special occasion for a very special couple!
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Jan Castle said...

You truly did a wonderful job! Will you be around for my 50th???