Thursday, December 16, 2010

Decorated Memo Holder

Above is a memo holder that I decorated with tape and embellishments. It sits between my two monitors (LOVE having two monitors!). It was one I had picked up at Big Lots as you see below. I used the decorative packaging tape to cover the original design.
I also used HVAC tape and punched a lattice chain from it. I really like using HVAC tape as you don't have to worry about adhesive and if you want, you can color it with alcohol based ink. This I left silver.

I ran a silver leafing pen around the edges and added some cute little Jolee's snowmen. Not to mention a darling photo of Jackson that makes me smile.

I posted this in the December challenge on Spotted Canary that I am hosting. The subject is using metallics. Check it out here and then go to Flock Forum.

Thanks for looking!
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Jan Castle said...

I forgo all about having that tape! Thanks Holly for the the look!

Anonymous said...

Cute memo holder, adorable baby! I have a silly question to ask: How did you punch the HVAC tape when it has adhesive on the back? Adhere it to waxed paper first?
Carrie C

Holly's Hobbies said...

You want the HVAC tape with a liner on the back. I use a craft knife to get the liner started coming off after punching. This tape works great with embossing, coloring with alcohol inks, etc. It seems that I had the liner in the is kind of brown. I got a MSC punch of a jingle bell and punched it out of HVAC to make a sticker for my money cards.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much. Of course I see the liner now. I bought mine ages ago and didn't remember that it may have a liner. I will have to dig it out now that you've given such great tips on how to use it. Thanks for sharing your creativity... and your grandson's photos!
Carrie C