Monday, November 22, 2010

Fall at Callaway Gardens

Last week, it was time for our annual trip to Callaway Gardens. Here are a few shots from that overnight trip. Late afternoon is such a great time to get that warm glow light as seen above.
You know how I love reflections. As you can see above, the color is even better in the reflection than it is in the actual subject.
The photo above shows how you can use direction (the birds are facing) of stationary objects and lines of trees and architecture to lead the eye around the photo.
Also, if you have a SLR camera and a point and shoot, often the point and shoot will be better for wide angle shots like interior shots. I used my wide angle lens on the shot above, but I always keep my point and shoot with me as sometimes you can get everything in the frame with it that you can not with a shorter focal length lens.

No luck this year at the butterfly garden. Condensation on the camera due to the cool air outside and the warm air inside, a bus load of school kids running around, a lower back that was acting up and concern over a package that I was told I shipped that did not make it (it had been there for two days!) had me not on my A game, but sometimes you have those days! As far as the condensation goes, keep a zip lock bag with you that you can put your camera in and that will help remedy that situation. I made the mistake of leaving the camera in the cool car all night and it rebelled when I took it into the warm butterfly house!
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Jan Castle said...

First....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Second, sorry about the butterfly house; but your other pictures are beautiful! Hope you get to go back when things are working better (your back included)!