Friday, August 6, 2010


I mentioned earlier the bear attack near Yellowstone. There was also the people that got out of their car recently in Yellowstone to get photos of the bison. They learned their lesson....maybe that is why there are signs everywhere reminding people that the bison are wild animals and caution should be taken. There are so many bison that I think people begin to think they are in a petting zoo.

We saw a lot of wildlife in Yellowstone. We also saw two moose in Grand Tetons and lots of bears. Here are some of the shots I took of wildlife. Above is a coyote. He was getting a roadkill squirrel off the road and I took this photo as I drove by. We also saw a wolf but from afar...they are kind of shy and you don't see them often.

We saw a lot of elk. This baby was especially cute. I think that was the morning I was driving from Tetons up into Yellowstone before daylight. I barely was able to stop the car before hitting the ten elk that was standing in the middle of the road! Since it was dark, you could barely see them until you were right on them. That would have been a trip changer! The speed limit everywhere is 45 due to that reason.

A bull elk with the full rack is so elegant...this fellow had two younger boys following him with their racks about half grown. Guess it was "boys day out" see many more female than male.

The baby bison was following close to it's mama! That is one mama you don't want to mess getting out of the car here!

One day we were driving down the road and here comes a bison, walking towards us in the other lane, like he was on his way home from work! He was staying in his lane and there was a long line of cars behind him....what are you gonna do? :-)

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