Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Waterfalls in Jasper National Park

Joyce and I spent a day driving back to some of the waterfalls we missed on the Icefields Parkway due to nasty weather the first day we drove on it. Of course, there was that pretty color of glacial water, but it is hard to capture the roar of the amount of water going over them without showing video! It is no wonder that there are so many canyons in the area, as you can see how this water could carve it's way through rock over the years.

The waterfall above was visible from the road. All these photos were taken with a wide angle lens to capture the full scene...that means they are even bigger than they appear!
Yeah for a new desktop computer!!! There is always a catchup period after getting a new computer, but I am happy to have a fast computer again. I have orders from my husband not to overload this one. My last one lasted six years, so that isn't too bad! It still works...it just needs to have stuff removed. Too much stuff....the story of my life!
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Susan said...

We were there in 2008, so I recognize some of these spots! Of course we chose to go in the 'off season' to avoid all the tourists, in May, and most of the lakes were still frozen. Loving your pictures!