Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More Wildflowers....

Thanks, Joyce, for letting us know that the pink flower on the last post was sticky geranium. Now, what is the one above called? This one was different than most flowers we saw as it had six leaves at the base of the flower. It resembles a dogwood blossom.
One of my favorite flowers we saw on the trip was the indian paintbrush. I thought it was so cool that it came in red, orange and yellow as well as combinations of the three. It was always so bright and pretty along the edge of the road.

The forget me nots, above, was something I also saw in Alaska. It is their state flower in fact. Below are a couple of lady slippers I saw on one of those mountain goat hikes where I walked a long way beyond where I was supposed to take a fork, near Emerald Lake. These little sweeties made the extra walk worth it though!

Wish I had some of that cool, mountain air here in Atlanta during the dog days of summer!

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