Thursday, August 12, 2010

Beautiful wildflowers!

We were very pleased by the number of wildflowers that were blooming in the Canadian parks we visited. We saw some in Yellowstone, but many more in Canada. I would love to see the meadows now that August is here!

Joyce is much better with the names of flowers than I am and she purchased some pamphlets there that told names. Above is Arctic Lupine. I saw a lot of this last year in Alaska, though in Alaska they were larger.

Below is Bear Grass. The detail in these flowers is just amazing! Can't you just imagine a bridal bouquet of these?

I don't remember what the flower above was called...maybe some type of geranium. Maybe Joyce will see this and expound upon it. Below are some arctic lupine that was more like what I saw in Alaska. I took this photo at this angle to get the reflection of the sky and trees in Emerald Lake (Yoo Hoo National Park....don't think that spelling is exactly correct) many beautiful lakes....
And so many beautiful flowers!
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Jan Castle said...

Takes my breath away! We have that lupine on or property and it is always impressive. Never saw Bear Grass before...very pretty! And your lake scene is p-e-r-f-e-c-t!
Keep 'em comin' Holly!

Joyce said...

That beautiful flower is called Sticky Geranium. Enjoying all these great photos. Joyce