Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lake Louise

We found the parks in Canada to be much more crowded than Yellowstone, which was surprising. I had always heard that Yellowstone was so crowded during the summer that it could be very frustrating. We never found that to be true.

One of the most crowded spots we visited in Canada was Lake Louise. The first day we tried to go, the parking lot was a zoo, so we got up very early another day and beat the crowd. Unfortunately, there was a lot of cloud cover, so the photos do not show the true beauty. There is a walk that goes beside the lake that we took and then we had lunch in the hotel you see above. It was a chilly day. I remember taking off my hat and gloves to go inside.

The waterfall you can see just above the lake line above was actually frozen. You could also see the glacier that feeds the lake, but you can't see it in the photos as there is not enough contrast between the top edge of the glacier and the sky. When we were leaving, you could finally see a little blue in the sky.

My mother-in-law and Joyce's mother are both named Louise, so we made sure we sent them postcards from there. It was such a beautiful site!
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Jan Castle said...

I can only imagine the beauty with a blue sky...wonderful pics Holly. Thanks for sharing.


I'm afraid if I had gone on this trip, you would have had to leave me here! Such beauty!

Susan said...

Oh, so THAT is what it is supposed to look like! The iconic pictures of the bright-colored canoes on the glacier-blue water (what drew us to the area in 2008) are awesome, so glad you got to see this beautiful area.