Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lake Louise 2

Here are some more shots of Lake Louise. The red canoes really stand out on the glacier water. The glacier is in the top of the "V" above the canoes. Like I said in the previous post, with the cloudy sky, you can not see where the snow stops and the sky begins in the photo.

Above is a closer shot of the frozen waterfall at the end of the trail we took. We also met a chipmunk that was used to being fed and was insistent that Joyce share her goodies with him. Below, he is checking out her camera equipment! I think they call them ground squirrels there.
We did not feed him as you are cautioned every where not to feed the animal. They say that a fed bear is a dead bear. The recent attack of the mother bear outside Yellowstone where one camper was killed and two injured was so sad! I love to camp, but I am glad we were staying in hotels!
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Jan Castle said...

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr! But, BEAUTIFUL! I love the aqua color on the lake - I want a Copic just that colo!!!