Saturday, June 12, 2010

Turtle Nests

A couple of months ago, I read The Last Song by Nicolas Sparks and then saw the movie. Those of you that read the book know that the story told about sea turtle nests. I saw numerous nests staked off in my morning walks while here on Amelia Island. I thought I would share a couple of photos. The movie was filmed on Tybee Island. I found it kind of funny that they would go to the Georgia Aquarium, which is far from the Atlantic in Atlanta!

For card making purposes, I like to take photos like these two. The shells would make a great background and the colorful chair a great card.
Yesterday I visited Fort Clinch and today I am meeting my sister and mother and we are going down to St. Augustine. Sometimes it is fun to go back and visit the places that tourists come to an area and visit, even though you have been there many times before. I have been thinking about getting a City Pass in Atlanta and visiting some of those type spots as well. Oh yeah, I guess that would mean I would actually have to stay home for a few days.....LOL!
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Jackie said...

Beautiful photos and thanks for the info on the book and movie. I love his writing. In St. Augustine try to stop in and see Claire at Claire's Collectibles - if you do please tell her I said hello and I miss her. And St. Augustine, too!