Friday, June 11, 2010

The Beaches of my Youth

I am in NE Florida, on Amelia Island. I grew up in Jacksonville, just south of here. When I grew up, the only thing on this island was Fernandina, the county seat for Nassau County. None of these resorts existed. As a teenager, I would come here with a friend, park the car and enjoy the beach all day long without seeing another person! It sure has changed. Below is the view from our balcony at Amelia Plantation. (Love that new wide angle lens!)
I spent most of my beach time on Little Talbot Island, just south of here. American Beach is almost next door to this resort. It was a park for African Americans back before segregation. American Beach is celebrating it's 75th anniversary this year. I drove over Nassau Sound where I used to go fishing with my Dad. I would stay up helping him clean the fish and would go shrimping with him.

This location is where 80% of the white Atlantic shrimp that are harvested in Florida come from....I can see shrimp boats out my window every day. So guess what I eat when I come here.....shrimp! I have had shrimp and grits prepared two different ways so far, but I will have to have some good fried shrimp before it is time to leave.
It is kind of funny the beauty that you take for granted when you are young. The canopy of trees draped in spanish moss that is often seen here and on other barrier islands are so pretty to me now.
While I love the pure white sands and beautiful colors of the water in the gulf (before the oil spill), I really like walking on the Atlantic much better. The surface is more level and hard and there are lots of, they are the beaches of my youth!
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Jackie said...

I miss all of that! We used to love to go to Fernandina, take bicycles and ride around the town, go to the Shrimp Festival every year.....sigh.

nise said...

How lucky you were and you didn't even realize it! I think that is how most of us are growing up. My Mom is worrying that the woods across from the farm will be bulldozed and a subdivision of mobile homes may be going in! At least your beaches are still beautiful, even if they're not uninhabited anymore. I hope you found a place to park in St Augustine. We couldn't and did a little driving around, but I so wanted to check out the old buildings there 2 winters ago. Love your Serendipity cards!