Monday, June 14, 2010

Ft. Clinch State Park

Fort Clinch is a fort that was built in the Civil War era. There was only one battle fought in the state of Florida (Olustee) during the Civil War. The state park also has the usual recreational pier, campgrounds, beach, picnic ground, bicycle trails, etc. On this particular June day, it was very HOT! My Frogg Togg bandana was very welcome around my neck!

I had to take this reflection shot of the flag and canons as this was the very first place I remember doing this, several years ago.
This man dressed in Civil War era attire had to be hot! I don't see a Frogg Togg bandana under that shirt collar! I have more interior shots to share next.
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Darla Dixon, Artist said...

How cool! (!) I was at Ft. Clinch in 1985. It was hot there then too. lol