Wednesday, June 23, 2010

And We are Off!!!

Jim took me over to Joyce's house Tuesday night and we loaded up the car. She said she thinks she actually found someone that takes more on a trip than she does! Yes, Jim fusses about that every trip!
We left Joyce's house in Atlanta about 6:20 this morning and started driving....Chattanooga, Nashville, Paducah, Metropolis (home of Superman) and finally St. Louis. We went downtown and saw the Gateway Arch and the museum under the arch. I was driving when we were first able to see the arch from the road and it was so exciting!!!
At the Museum Store, I bought this black bear that we named Louie (St. Louis), which will probably end up going to the cabin to entertain a certain little one. Louie hopes to be photographed at other locations on our trip. :-)

We did not go up in the arch as Joyce had already been in it. I do love to go up in high places, but she said the wait was long and hot (it was hot in St.Louis today!) and the small windows scratched up that you look out of at the top. I saw the stadium and arena where the Cardinals and Rams play and would like to come back to go to a baseball game someday (hopefully on a cooler day!). I will go up in the top on that trip.
Above is the type of thing you ride up to the top in, having four seats and no air conditioning.

We leave early in the morning, heading across Missouri and staying in Glenwood Springs Colorado tomorrow night. That is 16 hours plus of driving and I want to see Denver and the mountains before it gets dark, so we are talking VERY early! We really won't stop to sight see any so not sure if I will get many photos. I will post some photos I took of the arch, however.

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