Wednesday, May 12, 2010

McDaniel Farm Park

I live in Gwinnett County, in the suburbs of Atlanta. The area (Gwinnett Place) is a very congested, busy area with a mall and surrounding stores near I 85. Imagine my surprise when I decided to check out some of the parks in the area and found this lovely peaceful setting right in the middle of all the chaos! This farm had been located here for years and years while the area around it grew up. The county bought the property in the late 1990's after the death of the owner. I read about the park in the paper and had seen the signs, as I live only four miles away.
On the property, is the 1930's era farmhouse (though the land had been in the family a lot further back than the 30's) and out buildings such as the barn and one room school house. School groups can come and see how things used to be done and in May, a Pioneer Day is held where demonstrations are done.

While I enjoy the farm, I really enjoy the three miles of paved walking paths! It truly feels like you are walking in the mountains and not in the center of commerce for a busy area off Pleasant Hill.

There is a lot to share about this lovely spot on earth!
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Jan Castle said...

Well Holly, guess I had to sign up (again) for a Google account...hope this solves the comment problem!
Nice of the county to keep this site as a park...kudos to them!

Laureen said...

It is amazing what we can find all most in our backyards. I love the collages you are doing. You mentioned doing them for your daughters calendar. Could you post a picture of her calendar with your collages on it? When you did before I could not see the pictures. Thanks for all the photo info you have been giving us.

Joyce across the Pond said...

Simply wonderful photos of the countryside...stunning in fact...thank you for taking the time to bring us such wonderful inspiration.