Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Creating Photo Collages

I usually have my prints done at Walgreens or at Sams Club. Walgreens does their photos in glossy and Sam's matte, so that determines where I have them printed. Of course, there are ways you can have the opposite done at each location but I am not paying for shipping or waiting extra time. Anyway, Walgreens will often have specials or even free deals. This weekend the special was for a free collage (8 by 10) for Mother's Day. I figure, free is free, so I did a collage from Alaska photos.

Their software does not allow much creativity and the lady working at the photo department told me that she did not know how to do their collages (which is scary, since she is operating the machinery!). I told her I really preferred doing collages on Picasa. She said she would check it out. I also had a request from my daughter for more collages for her calendar, since the snow photos from January were making her cold! So, I threw together these collages, downloaded them to have them printed at her Sams Club and she can pick them up on the way home from work! I just love technology! She should be covered for all the seasons now!

The first one is of my new favorite place. I will be doing a blog post devoted to this park later this week. I love walking here! On this collage, I used a solid background in the picture pile option. I did not add borders to the photos.
Above is a spring collage. I still used a solid background, but I added borders around the photos.
For the last two, I used a photo as the background and added borders to set the photos apart. By clicking on each photo, you can straighten, enlarge and move the photos around.
There are many more options for collages on Picasa. There are grids and borders....check it out! They look great framed, used on cards, etc.! Picasa is a wonderful, free program!
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castle77@comcast.net said...

WOW! Absolutely wonderful...guess I better check out Picasso!!!!

JANLYNN said...

You have inspired me so. I have trouble decideing how to lay collages out but I really like these. Thanks for shareing.

nise said...

These are GORGEOUS!! You are an incredibly talented woman and I am so glad you share. It is giving me lots of ideas for things I gotta do one of these days. I just finished making about 6 of the "quilts" for my Mom to send for family & friend birthdays. She was so happy with them. Thanks again for sharing that technique.