Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tower from different perspectives

I never met a high spot I didn't like! Climbing stairs can sometimes be tough but it it worth it to me. The tower has an elevator part of the way so that was good....though that was the one place I almost got in a fight with an English lady....that is a story for another day! Anyway, we trekked up the tower and saw the city of lights. Someone had torn up the grass to create a heart on the lawn.

Becca told me she had seen a shot of the tower with water in the foreground and we did eventually find that. You had to cross the bridge over the river in the opposite direction and there was a pond at that end. That is an example of finding out perspectives from someone else's photos.
We climbed to the top of Not re Dame and I made sure to get a shot of the tower with a gargoyle in the can see the city buildings in the background also. Some structures are such icons, they identify the the Washington Monument in DC.
On a very stormy night, we climbed the Arc D Triumph, withstanding blowing rain to get the shot above. Now, that was an interesting night. Hard to photograph under those conditions but it is a night we will never forget! Yeah, it might have been smarter to stay in the hotel room, but that is not my style! Just like the snowy and muddy roads I tried to drive on this week up in the mountains and the day trips I made all alone while in Europe...won't forget those trips! Life is short!
Since I am a card maker, I sometimes take shots with cards in mind. I like to leave some open space to stamp or print a sentiment. This would make a great romantic card, don't you think?
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Heide said...

You are bringing back memories! My husband and I went to Paris on our Honeymoon. I found it so beautiful!

Jan Castle said...

Love the gargoyl in your unexpected! I'm sooooo enjoying this series on your photography...thank you Holly!