Saturday, March 13, 2010

Finding Different Perspectives

The Eiffel Tower is such an icon, I spent a lot of time with it. Out of the group I was traveling with, only me and two college students went to the top of it. Yes, it was a long line and it was after midnight before we came home, only to get lost finding our way back to the hotel, but it was worth every minute of it! You have all seen the traditional shots of the tower, but when I visit a famous spot, I try to look at all angles.

One place to get ideas is at the postcard rack! See how the professionals have shot the scene. Then try to replicate it. I had no trouble finding different angles of interest. There is a pond near the base of the tower and I took the shot above as we were know how I like reflections. I even took a shot of the tower reflected on the back of a car, but it was too dark to turn out very good.
When I was there, at nine o'clock, the twinkling of lights would begin, lasting for fifteen minutes. I like to take shots at the base of a tower, looking up.
Above, I tried to stand underneath in the center, shooting upwards. It isn't quite in the center, but it is still a cool look. Reminds me of a kaleidoscope.
I liked the detail of the ironwork...very victorian looking. More perspectives to come!
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Jan Castle said...

Really Cool Pics Holly!!!! Interesting how you can recognize what the landmark is without seeing the entire thing. Thanks for sharing your expertise!