Monday, March 22, 2010

Recording Information with your Camera

Cameras can do more than take photos of pretty places or people....record information you want to save with a photo. When in Alaska, I was looking for the state flower, Forget Me Nots. I snapped a photo of a wildflower book so I had a reference to compare with the flowers I found.

Information signs are another thing I photograph. Often I do not have time to read all the informational signs at a location, so I snap a photo and then I can go back and read it later, such as the history of this church building in Canada.

Photos can include information that helps you in your journaling, like having the name of the cruise ship while at Glacier Bay. Other signs are just the moose warning. We just don't see those signs in Atlanta! I took photos of interesting traffic signs in Europe that were different than our traffic signs.
With so many cell phones having cameras on them, they provide a great way to snap photos of informational signs, things you want to remember or just cool things you see throughout your day! There are blogs devoted strictly to photos taken with an iPhone and there are so many cool apps to help you play with your photos. If two year old Addy can take photos with my iPhone, I am sure you can learn how to do it also!
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