Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy Spring!

One of the trips on my "bucket list" was to be in Washington DC at the peak of the cherry blossom blooms. Since it became spring yesterday, I thought I would share some spring photos from that trip and point out some things we have discussed.

We have discussed Depth of Field on previous posts. I have included a couple of photos here that focus on both the "far away" portion of the photo and also the foreground of the photo. We have talked about using landmarks in your photos as well as reflections. The photo above focuses on the Jefferson Memorial, while the blossoms in the foreground are out of focus.

Below, we see the cherry blossoms hanging over the tidal basin creating a reflection, with the Washington Monument off center in the background.

Another important thing to include in some of the photos are people, if you are in a location where there are people present. If you have ever been around the tidal basin at this time of year, especially on the weekend, you know there are LOTS of people with their cameras. I thought the photo above, with the crowd of people wrapping around the sidewalk, evidence of a tripod on the grass, the park bench and a man taking his photo is a good representation of what the atmosphere is like. I was hanging around for a setting sun, so I had plenty of time to kill. I also like having the gnarly trunk of the cherry tree.

I have this compulsion to ask a group who has one of the members taking a group photo if they want me to take one so everyone can be in the photo. I really have to control myself to not offer. I am always happy to do it, but am trying not to be such a "mother'! LOL! While out here waiting, a girl asked me if I would mind snapping her photo with her camera. People usually can pick you out if you have a big camera. The battery on her small digital camera had died, so I could not take a photo with her camera. I told her that if she gave me her email address, I would be happy to take some with my camera and email them to her. She was so surprised. After I sent them to her she was so grateful and she said it was the best photo she had ever had taken! It is nice to be appreciated!
Above, you can tell the sun is getting lower and warming up the blossoms with back lighting. In this photo, the foreground blossoms are in focus while the other side of the basin is out of focus. I took so many photos on this trip, it is hard to limit it to four (amount allowed on a Picasa upload), but I hope you enjoyed them.

One of my readers and friends, Jan, shared with me some photos she took of the cherry blossoms in her state of Oregon. She was even captured in the local newspaper while taking her, huh? She has been putting some of my instructions into practice and I hope you are too. I hope you have a lovely spring with lots of beautiful shots!
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kmassman said...

Gosh, now I really want to visit DC!!! Lovely photos!

Kristen said...

I haven't been to DC in ages! Beautiful shots! And that is so great to know you're appreciated, even from a stranger!

{I was at Whitney's wedding, by the way. The little Blonde-haired boy was mine :)}

Jan Castle said...

Cherry Blossoms are sooooo pretty -I know you enjoyed taking the pictures. Speaking of pictures Holly, you will have to have someone take a current picture of you for your blog as you have lost so much weight....otherwise we won't know you if we happen to cross paths! LOL!

Holly's Hobbies said...

Kristen, of course I know you...I made Whitney's dress when she was in your wedding! Thanks for reading my blog! Wasn't Whitney's wedding beautiful?

Jan, yes, I have told Joyce I want her to take some photos of me..closing in on 50 lbs gone now! You never know when you are going to run into me among the cherry blossoms! LOL!