Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Photos from the plane

I love window seats in a plane. Sometimes you can't see much, but often you can. I always have my little Canon Powershot available when flying as you never know what you are going to see. It depends on the approach the plane takes and the cloud cover, but sometimes you get a really good shot. I never mind the wing being in the photo as that is just part of the scene. I also keep the position of the wing in mind when I choose my seat. For photos or for seeing much you do not want to be right over the wing.

Here are a couple of shots I took as we flew into Reagan International. If you have stayed downtown DC, you know that you see planes fly over all the time. The perspective from the air is totally different than from the street.

Above is a shot of Chicago as I flew into O'Hara. A great town for going up in tall buildings! It is just a great town and my husband has a business trip there this September. Of course, I want to join him so I was asking him about the date as Joyce was considering pushing the bucket trip to that month. He replied,"Well, you can't make EVERY trip!"

I also love it when the seats have the personal screens on them in the plane so you can keep up with your location. I usually can figure out exactly where we are even without the screen especially with landmarks like the Mississippi or cities I know. I got some great shots of Memphis one night where you could clearly see the pyramid and the river. Some cities are much easier to identify because of certain buildings. Domes such as the Georgia Dome in Atlanta really stand out. Sometimes you can get decent shots from a moving car as I did of the Metro dome in Minneapolis. Sometimes I have to settle with one shot on my iPhone, but even that does pretty good.
When we flew home from Alaska I had already thought about the possibility of seeing Mt. McKinley from the air. I knew from being on the ground that there was often a layer of clouds that kept you from seeing the top. I imagined that you would be able to see it above the clouds from the air....sure enough we did! We also saw Mt. Rainer in Washington.

So, if this looks like fun, reserve those window seats and keep that camera handy. Be sure and turn your flash off or it will bounce off the plane window.
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Jan Castle said...

Neat pictures Holly!!!! Now all I have to do is get my plane ticket...LOL!

Susie L said...

ALways like the window seat,have only taken one picture out of window, now have no where to go..great shots..