Thursday, March 4, 2010

Linda's Happy Room!

I have photographed the craft rooms of stampers and the photos have been in the Rubber Stamper, but since that is not around, I will share here with you. Maybe you will pick up a tip you can use. Linda, above, is excited over her new shelf she bought at a store in Jacksonville that was going out of business. It does look very cool hanging on the wall, doesn't it? Eye candy! Notice that she has her heat gun (just the the left of her head in the photo) positioned in a doll stand. I have seen the woodend stands for heat gun, but have not seen this done before.
She uses clear shoe bags hanging on the door for large punches. Below, you can see she had room to share space with visitors. My sister and I had a very enjoyable time sitting and talking and stamping with Linda.
Linda uses risers that she got at Target to display her stamps, all grouped according to categories. This is the birthday shelf. The risers allows you to elevate the stamps so you can see the rows towards the back.
I WISH my stamping area looked this neat, but it doesn't.....what is it about those of us that choose to have way too much STUFF around us? I understand the concept of order...sometimes I even get is staying there that is a challenge for me!

Hope you enjoyed this visit to Linda's Happy Room!
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Jan Castle said...

Some really good ideas here...thanks Holly!