Thursday, March 18, 2010

Collecting Type in Photos

Something that is all the rage right now is to buy photos of things that look like letters that spell out your name or another word in a frame. These can be actual letters from an old sign or something from architecture that looks like a letter or from an object that looks like a letter.
These "letters" are kind of a cool thing to collect or at least look for as you travel. The arch above forms a "Y" and the Eiffel tower is definitely an "A" shape.
This cathedral door also looks like an "A". This is just a fun activity and would be a fun thing to frame if you spelled out your word for which you were looking.
Another challenge is to find objects that look like faces. You have probably seen the commercial on television that shows things that look like smiles and frowns. This is also a good exercise to make you more aware of your surroundings and to really LOOK at what is around you. It is a good challenge to give your kids on a summer vacation if they have a competitive spirit!
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