Thursday, March 11, 2010

Capture the flavor of the Region!

Okay, I love food! And I love to try the different foods in an area that I visit. I had no problem eating a reindeer hot dog up in Alaska! I say I will try anything at least once! I also love to look at food photographs in cookbooks. I think that would be a very fun job! I will add that I have lost over 46 pounds now, so maybe that is why I am having visions of sugarplums.

No seriously, I do like to capture the food of the region when I visit different areas. My husband and I are considering a Greek Isle Cruise next year for our 35th anniversary, so there will be lots of cool stuff there to photograph. Bring on the feta and olives!

Above is a pistachio ice cream cone I had at the base of the Eiffel tower. Now, this is more a memory rather than something from the area, but it was one of the best ice cream cones I have EVER had! To record the location, I just held up the cone towards the tower (a nice background if you are looking for one!). Another place Becca and I frequented was the crepe lady! Of course, I took a photo of Becka eating a crepe too. The crepe lady was not too friendly....probably seen too many of us silly Americans.

The pastries in Paris were so pretty...actually they were pretty everywhere I went in Europe. They were also having a promotion on skinned rabbits...yum (no, I did not try rabbit)! Produce markets, bakeries and meat markets are always interesting places to visit. An open air market is also a great place to get these photos. I always visit the Chinatown of any large city I go to as I find the foods there so interesting.
So, when you visit a location, look around and capture the types of food they eat there!
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Jan Castle said...

The first pictures look yummy...can't say the same for that last picture...yuk (maybe cooked would be better for me!!! LOL). No reflection on your photography, of course.