Monday, March 1, 2010

Beauty everywhere around us!

I shared with you that Paula from Old Town Crafts passed away. Her funeral service was to be held in St. Marys, GA on Friday February 26th. I also learned that the husband of my cousin died that week in Jacksonville and his service was on Thursday. I decided to get up very early that Thursday and drive to Jacksonville and attend the funerals. On the way down there I learned that a man from our church died suddenly and then his funeral was set for Saturday. All three were at eleven, on consecutive days.

After the first service on Thursday, I decided that I would do something Paula would enjoy herself rather than driving up to her service. I would go to a stamp store and then stamp with friends. I think she would like that. I just didn't think I could handle three days of funerals.

Saturday I got up very early again and drove back to Atlanta for the funeral here. Life is short, so enjoy each moment and look for the beauty all around.

While at my sister's house, I took a few photos and thought I would share them with you and give you some photography tips. I will then share a couple of posts of the shop I went to and also my cousin's stamproom. Then we will get back to the photography.

My sister lives out in the country and has rescued more cats than I can count! Above is one (I think his name is Poindexter...maybe they shortened it to Dexter) sitting in the opening of her barn. Notice how he is framed by the window and is positioned by the rule of thirds. Also, the barn next door is out of focus so that becomes background. The color in the foreground also grabs your attention. This scene is an everyday appearance, but there is something comforting about "everyday". Also, with animals, begin taking photos as you approach because if you wait until you are as close as you want to be, they might be scared off and run.

Paula's friend asked if I had photos of Paula and I could find none. I posted on Gingerwood asking and one reader did have two great photos of Paula, sitting at her desk demoing. When she sent me the photos, it brought back so many memories of time I sat there talking to Paula and her sharing things with me. Lesson learned: photograph the "everyday" never know when your "everyday" might change and the opportunity is gone. The stamper that sent the photos of Paula said she mainly had photos of artwork from the shop....she always thought she could go back and see Paula. Photos of people are the most important photos you can take!
Where I grew up in north Florida, palmetto bushes growing at the base of pine trees is a very common occurence. My Dad did a drawing in 8th grade that won a ribbon of just that....pines and palmettos. That was what he knew....that was his playground as a boy. I always think of that drawing when I see pines and palmettos. You can also find great patterns on everyday things like this palmetto bough.
All of these photos were taken in the morning light, something we have discussed. On the photo below, you can see the frost laying on the blossoms.
Below, even the greenery can frame a subject. Light coming through an object, though it can wash out the color, is interesting as you see the shadows through the petals.
These are just everyday things that have been captured so that they can be enjoyed for a longer time. Make an everyday memory today! One of my favorite things to say...."take a little trip and never leave the farm!"
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