Friday, February 12, 2010


Well, my two faithful friends came through and when I got home from being out of town and got my bundle of mail, there were two lovely cards from them. Not only do they usually send cards, but they actually do them early! I tried to put mine in the mail today to them, but I guess the postman came early due to the snow we were expecting (and are getting!). Oh well, mine will be late but I wanted to share theirs with you.
It is uncanny how similar their color schemes are this year. Tina did a quilt card above. I had not done one with a diamond in the center.
She always decorates the envelopes too as you can see.
Above is the card from my friend Kathy. I love the punch she used along the edge...I will have to ask who makes it! The hedgehog is so cute with his heart boxer shorts! I like the way the bundle of twine goes with the texture of the hedgehog. Great job, ladies! I took down my Christmas cards and have these two displayed by my front door.

I went to my Joanns etc today (Duluth, GA) and it had shrunk!!! It was half the size it was in December! They had put up a wall in the center and consolidated everything on one side. How sad! Especially after my Hobby Lobby and Michaels have both been gone for over two years! Oh well....guess I don't need a lot of stuff anyway, but these stores were so convenient.

While there, I noticed paper that reminded me of the strip quilting. I thought of Tina's card so I bought some and made a card. I used my new double loops Martha Stewart Crafts punch. It was so pretty after I punched around the page, I hated to put anything on top of it!
Below, you can see how the quilt card is pieced. Instead of strips, I used triangles with a square in the center. I used sticky label paper to mount it on, though that is not necessary.
It is snowing to beat the band here. Unfortunately, we have a funeral to go to tomorrow afternoon for a dear lady at church. Hopefully, the sun will melt any ice on the roads. I had missed seeing my neighbor since the first of the year and I learned this week that he slipped on the snow/ice we had the first week of January (when I was doing the wedding) and broke his leg. He had to have surgery on it.

Be careful and have a great Valentines Day!
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