Saturday, February 13, 2010

Strip Quilt Valentine

I finally found the little hand held paper shredder that I looked for when Jan Castle first told me about the paper strip quilting method. It cuts a strip that is only about 1/8" wide rather than the 1/4" strip my electric one cuts. Thus, it has a more delicate look to it, but it also takes a little longer to put together. After I covered a quarter sheet of sticky label paper with strips, I die cut hearts. I had room to get three in varying sizes (the smallest one I used on the faux quilt I made and shared yesterday). I also look for decorative papers that have pretty stripes that I can cut and use as an embellishment as the row of hearts seen above. They are glossy on the hearts and look in real life like they were embossed.
Above you can see the hand held device. I found this marked down at Staples within the last year or two, but they do not have them now as they were clearanced out. You can see the strips forming the quilt pattern.
When I choose my papers, I not only try to have lights, mediums and darks, but also some type of texture or sheen. You can see above that one of the papers is glossy, so it introduces another element to the quilt. I love to use suede paper also for a different texture. If embossed when finished, the suede paper is very pretty.

Just thought I would share a different take on the strip quilting. Thanks for dropping by!
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CelticWoman said...

you are a much more patient woman than I. It is stunning. Sandi

Jan Castle said...

Wow Holly! So pretty in pink!!!! Love what you did...I have looked everywhere for a small shredder that will do 1/8", I finally decided to use the AccuCut at Craft Whse...they have a die that cuts strips for quilling. Worked great. Did a demo at Craft Whse. Tues on this technique-a big hit! Thanks for being my Internet buddy - you are soooooo much fun!
Jan Castle
P.S. Did find the Martha Stewart Crafters Scoring Board at an out-of-town Michaels....thanks for the tip....$19.99 plus a % off with my coupon! Couldn't be better!

Mary said...

Holly, what a beautiful card. I'm sooooo glad you posted it today. I have a quilting buddy coming for a few days. She's going to love making a card. Thank You for sharing.